Mint Chocolate *NEW*

We all know Mint Chocolate to be a popular variety for ice cream, cookies, hot cocoa, candy and the list go...

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Caramel Delite *NEW*

It’s Girl Scout cookie season! Here’s a look inspired by one of my favorites “Caramel Delites&rdquo...

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Sultry Smudging *NEW*

As a makeup artist it is important to keep up with the trends and of course I can’t keep the techniques to myse...

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Euphoria *NEW*

Love is in the air and one thing about Color Du Jour, I love LOVE! So of course I would not miss out on the opportuni...

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Wing It

A look so easy a baby can do it!!! Not quite, but this look is indeed a simple one for those looking for a quick...

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Smoke Show

I call this look the "Smoke Show". Typically, I smoke out the bottom waterline for many of my makeup applications. Ho...

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New Nudes

I mean...who doesn't love nudes? Typically nudes are incorporated in beauty looks by way of lip color options. Let's ...

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Hoods Need Love

Hooded eyes are known for their lack of visible lid space and this lid type can make it challenging to achieve certai...

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Blushing Bride

Finally! One of my highly requested tutorials is here! With bridal makeup, the objective is to achieve a timeless and...

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Color Blossom

Inspired by spring's beautiful floral colors, this look features a unique BOLD eye application. Your blending techniq...

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Wedding Bells

Back with another highly requested bridal glam tutorial! Bridal glam to unique in it’s own way. On the wedding ...

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Step out "Glossin" from head to toe. Well, in this case, from eyes to lips! I stepped a little outside the box to cre...

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