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Welcome to Color Du Jour's online makeup workshop. Our trainings are tailored to non-artists and artists alike looking to learn new techniques from the comfort of their home. New classes added monthly!

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        Love Galore *New*

Whether you're looking for a romantic look for Valentine's Day or just for a sexy date night, "Love Galore" is the answer! This tutorial will teach you how to create a gorgeous natural yet romantic look from start to finish! #LoveGalore

Video Length: 37 minutes (Full Application)

Green Smokey Eye w/ Color Pop! 

Drama not only makes for a great movie but it can also spice up your look for a special event. However, creating a dramatic look can be intimidating to most. Using the proper blending techniques is important in order to execute dramatic glam successfully. This video will illustrate how to do just that. 

Video Length: 34 minutes (Full Application)



Summer Bronzed

The summer is here, so let's step out BRONZED! This tutorial will teach you how to create a stunning summer bronzed look with a bold eye from start to finish

Video Length: 30 minutes (Full Application)



So Sultry!

A sultry look is perfect for romantic evenings, or in my opinion, everyday! CDJ brides love this application choice as well because of it's soft yet beautiful appearance! This tutorial will teach you how to create a stunning sultry look from start to finish!

Video Length: 38 minutes (Full Application)



Goddess Glam

You can win trophies or you can be the trophy! This course will show you how to master the art of "Goddess Glam." 

Video Length: 27 minutes 



Candy Rain

This tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful sweet cut crease with some of my favorite colors. Whether it's for a wedding, birthday or special event you can't go wrong showing up "Candy Rain" 

Video Length: 39 mins (Full Application)



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